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Fabrication of Epoxy-Coated Steel Reinforcing Bar

Epoxy-Coated Steel Reinforcing Bar (rebar) should be handled to ensure that it is not damaged prior to or during concrete placement. The following information provides guidance:


Store rebar bundles on suitable material, such as timber cribbing. Space the timber cribbing to minimize sagging.


Strapping should be padded or protected with other non-abrasive material.

Outdoor Storage

If the bars are to be exposed outdoors for more than 30 days, they should be covered with a suitable opaque material that minimizes condensation.


Contact points on shearing equipment should be a suitable material.


Contact points on bending equipment should be a suitable material.


Inspect bars after bending and repair any cracks with patching material.

Patching Material

Use a two-part epoxy repair material, approved by the coating manufacturer. Follow manufacturer’s directions.


Bars (rebar) should be lifted using a spreader bar or strongback with multiple pick-up points to minimize sag.
Nylon or padded slings should also be used.
For shipping, secure the load with nylon or padded strapping.