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Alexandria (VA)/Oxon Hill (MD)



Design CriteriA:

– 75-Year Service Life.
– WIDTH: 124 ft, 110 ft and LENGTH: 6075 ft.
– 12 lanes of traffic (four travel with one exit in each direction and two lanes for bus/rail transit).
– Corrosion protection provisions becasue of an aggressive winter environment (extensive use of deicing salts).
– Compatible with other Potomac River Bridges and environmental standards.
– Movable span for water traffic (reduce bridge openings from 200 to 60 per year).


State of Maryland and Commonwealth of Virginia


Parsons Transportation Group


Weeks Marine; Tidewater/Kiewit/Clark; American Bridge/Edward Kraemer; Virginia Approach Constructors and Potomac Constructors

Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement:

4,200 tons


200,000 vehicles per day

Date Opened:

June 2006 and May 2008

Total Cost:

$680 million

Woodrow Wilson Bridge I-95/I-45


The Woodrow Wilson Bridge over the Potomac River is one of the most congested bridges in the nation and it currently handles 200,000 vehicles per day. At least 1.3% ($58 Billion) of trucked GDP crossed the Bridge in 1993. Prior to reconstruction, the bridge opened 260 times per year to enable access for high mast recreation sail boats, tall mast ships and marine vessels. The old bridge also had nearly twice the accident rate of similar highways in Maryland and Virginia.

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge is one of only nine bridges on the U.S. Interstate Highway System that contains a movable span. The new 6,075-ft-long Potomac River drawbridge was constructed with a 70 ft total clearance, some 20 ft greater than the old structure. This allows for 70 percent less openings per year. The bridge is twelve lanes, of which eight are general purpose lanes, two to allow exiting, and two lanes for future HOV/express bus/rail transit lines.

Epoxy-coated reinforcing steel was used in the 10-in. (254-mm) thick fixed span decks. All reinforcing steel in the pile caps and pedestals was epoxy-coated. Epoxy-coated reinforcing steel was also used throughout the bascule pier.

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