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Washington, D.C.


  • Design Criteria: Provide improved traffic flow for 100,000 vehicles– Improve interchange between several freeways– Provide an improved emergency evacuation route for the nation’s capital
  • Owner: District Department of Transportation
  • Designer: Skanska USA and Facchina Construction Co., Inc. Joint Venture
  • Builder(s): Skanska USA and Facchina Construction Co., Inc. Joint Venture

In early 2012, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will open the 11th Street Bridge, which replaced the two existing bridges with three new bridges. This $300-million project is designed to improve the related interchanges. The two existing bridges were both functionally deficient and structurally obsolete. The project is the largest ever constructed by DDOT and is the first river bridge replacement in the District in more than 40 years and is the Districts first design-build-to-budget bridge.

The project is expected to served almost 180,000 vehicles per day by 2030 and provide connections to allow traffic between three freeways.

The project is being completed by a joint venture between Skanska USA and Facchina Construction Co. Inc. This venture proposed a plan that fulfilled the most functions desired as an outcome of the job with the least public impact.

The new local bridge will provide a path for both pedestrian and bicycle traffic, as well as streetcar traffic.


  • Fall 2011: Open Two New Freeway Bridges
  • Winter 2012/13: Open New Local 11th Street Bridge
  • Summer 2013: Project Complete