Sustainability and corrosion protection

This paper was presented at ACI in March 2012.

ASTM A955 Evaluation of epoxy and low carbon-chromium bars

This 2011 report presents data on the performance of ASTM A775 and ASTM A1035 reinforcing in the ASTM A955 corrosion test. The test shows the excellent performance of the A775 and poor performance of A1035 products.

Field handling cards

Field handling cards were developed with the "Do's" and "Don'ts" for epoxy-coated bars.

What we have learnt about epoxy-coated bars TRB 2010

This presentation outlines performance of structures using epoxy-coated reinforcing bars and changes in specifications.

Presentation to BC Ministry of Transportation

This presentation was given to BC Ministry of Transportation on 5-20-09 and provides information regarding the performance of epoxy-coated bars, compeditive material and use in bridges.

MMFX Metalurgical Evaluation
Evaluation of Stainless Steel Clad Reinforcing Bars
Young Galvanizing
Corrosion Resistance of Alternative Reinforcing Bars: An Accelerated Test
Minnesotta Report on ECR December 2008
Statement from EIG to VDOT regarding discontinuing epoxy bars

This document was shared with Ken Walus at VDOT regarding their aim to discontinue epoxy-coated bars.

List of Early Marine Structures

A list of structures that were built between 1981 and 1988 in marine environments.

Talk from FIGG regarding Epoxy-coated bars

A presentation on the I-35 structure was given by Tom DeHaven from Figg to the Central Region CRSI meeting. A number of good photos of ECR.

FHWA LTBP Summary--National Changes in Bridge Practices for Reinforcing Bars