The Sustainable Choice for Concrete Structures

Sustainable development is defined as: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – by attempting to balance social, economic and environmental effects.” 

Epoxy-coated bars are widely used and help achieve the goals of sustainable development in the following ways: 

Recycled Content

Epoxy-coated bars are made using readily available reinforcing bar products. These bars are made generally using over 97 percent of recycled materials from primarily post-consumer sources. They are coated using environmentally friendly coatings in safe operations. 

Embodied Energy

The embodied energy of epoxy-coated bars during manufacture is lower than that of other corrosion-resistant reinforcing steels. 


Epoxy-coated bars are made from locally sourced materials available near most major cities. Other products are produced in limited locations, requiring additional energy inefficient shipping. 


Epoxy-coated bars have provided over 40 years of excellent performance and substantially increase the durability of concrete structures. 


Epoxy-coated bars cost less than other corrosion-protection systems.