Navajo County, NV


  • Owner: Navajo County Public Works
  • General Contractor: Technology Construction, Inc. (TCI) of Prescott
  • Total Project Cost: $1 million
  • Total Project Size: Length: 102 ft
    Width: 14.1 ft

The Chevelon Creek Bridge was opened in 1913 at a total cost of $5000. It was one of the first highway structures to be undertaken by the newly formed State of Arizona. Today, the bridge serves as an important transportation corridor for drivers in Navajo County. The bridge was repaired using epoxy-coated reinforcing steel in the lightweight concrete deck and was reopened in 2014 with the expectation that the bridge will be around for another 100 years.

The deep, rocky canyon over Chevelon Creek formed a “practically impassible topographic barrier to the Santa Fe Highway across northern Arizona. It carried mainline traffic on the Santa Fe Highway until realignment sometime between 1917 and 1924 moved the route north of the Little Colorado River when it was relegated to county road status. Today, the bridge and roadway is used primarily by ranchers, area landowners and Hopi Tribal members, with light travel between Holbrook or Joseph City and Winslow.